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My name is Rosemary. After working as a community pharmacist for 11 years, I took some time off to have a baby in 2016. I had felt disillusioned with my chosen profession for quite some time and struggled with crippling fatigue. I decided to take this time to assess where I wanted to be going forward.

I had dabbled in other areas of study along the way, but nothing resonated with me.


Then Primal Alternative came along, and I knew immediately that this was my opportunity to align my health beliefs with my career. I dove in head first – I spent the last little bit of my savings and put all my energy into making it work. I’ve never looked back.

My health has improved vastly since making this change in my life – I’ve gone from a profession that was contributing to fatigue to one which boosts my energy and confidence. I love providing people with nourishing food and the feeling of being able to help others in my community with their own health goals. I feel my best when I eat this way – primally inspired, wholefood, and gluten-free. I want to share this way of life with you.

Let me bake for you and make your own health journey that much easier.

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